katherine (002)  Dr. Katherine L.R. Jones, Executive Director,  kjones@bayareacil.org  443-260-0822 Ext. 156

Rose  Rose Carey, Program Manager for Independent Living,  rcarey@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 162

Tyrone  Tyrone Cooper, Lead Supports Planner -Lowe Shore, tcooper@bayareacil.org 443-893-4258 or 443-260-0822 Ext. 155

Wendy  Wendy Gordy, Supports Planner, wgordy@bayareacil.org 443-783-1969

 Brian Haas, Vocational Specialist, bhaas@bayareacil.org. 443-260-0822, ext. 160

Jane  Jane Hager, Vocational Specialist (DORS Referrals), jhager@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 194

DSC_5533  Briona Johnson, Supports Planner, bjohnson@bayareacil.org   443-783-3440


DSC_5354  Marsha Lewis, Independent Living and MFP Specialist, mlewis@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 179

  Kevonn Martin, Salisbury University Intern, kmartin@bayareacil.org

  Elizabeth Muller, Supports Planner, emuller@bayareacil.org, 443-783-4710

  Shelda Pierre-Louis, Recreation Assistant, spierrelouis@bayareacil.org, 443-260-0822, ext. 152

Jennifer  Jennifer Rooney, Supports Planner, jrooney@bayareacil.org 443-783-4262

Sherri  Sherri Sigrist, Youth Transition Coordinator, ssigrist@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822, Ext. 161

Conni  Conni Speidel, MFP Specialist, cspeidel@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 179

Dee  Dee Still, Independent Living Specialist, dstill@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 192

  Jacob Townsend, Vocational Specialist, jtownsend@bayareacil.org, 443-260-0822, Ext. 158

  Kathy Wright, Lead Supports Planner – Mid & Upper Shore, kwright@bayareacil.org 443-783-2840

David  David Yockey, Director of Operations and Technology, dyockey@bayareacil.org 443-260-0822 Ext. 189

  Christianne Yumul, Supports Planner, cyumul@bayareacil.org, 443-783-4902